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Our Hobby is Depeche Mode

26 Jan 201310 Feb 2013

'A brilliant documentary' The Sunday Telegraph

'A sad, funny portrait of pop music's multiple confusions' Sight & Sound

'Hilarious, brilliantly edited and politically fascinating' Dazed and Confused

'A fantastic film' Daniel Miller, Mute records

Jeremy Deller and Nick Abrahams' film shows the impact of Basildon's biggest cultural export, Depeche Mode, using the stories and voices of devotees from around the world. Plotting an alternative history in which pop culture is given its due, and Basildon helped end the cold war, the film uncovers extraordinary tales of faith and devotion from Iran, Russia, Romania and even England.

This film was also known as The Posters Came from the Walls.

Dirs Jeremy Deller & Nick Abrahams, UK 2008, TBC mins.


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