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Our Day Will Come, Dir Romain Gavras, 2010

Our Day Will Come

28 Jul 201118 Aug 2011

"Boasting a score by Ed Banger's SebastiAn it proves to be one of the unmissable films of the year" Dazed & Confused

Produced by and starring the ever-unpredictable and charismatic Vincent Cassel, this is the blistering directorial feature debut of controversial young director Romain Gavras. Son of veteran director Costa Gavras (Z, Missing) and scourge of the current Right Wing French Establishment, Romain is perhaps best known to-date for his infamous MIA promo for her song Born Free.

Our Day Will Come suggests that the MIA promo was a dry run for this much more ambitious and edgy project, which similarly explores a world where having red hair becomes a symbol for a stand against persecution and a drive for personal freedom in an age of paranoia and right-wing xenophobia. Unashamedly confrontational, edgy and form-busting, Our Day Will Come bursts off the screen with a manic energy almost out of control. Yet through the anarchic, absurdist, adrenalin rush of the film’s form comes a thoughtful dissection of masculinity, identity, and yes… red hair.

Cassel plays (X), an older, style conscious, drifter who befriends a young inarticulate man for reasons best known to himself. Taking the boy under his wing, in a deeply ambiguous relationship, the pair set off in search of a place where they will be accepted for who they are – red hair and all. It’s a scabrous, erratic and very weird journey invoking the spirit of Beckett and Artaud fed forcibly through a food blender and spat out into the face of the bourgeoisie. A provocative Pandora’s box of ideas about the beginning of the 21st century.

Director Q&A
On Thursday 28 July at 8.30pm there will be a Q&A with the protagonist Vincent Cassel and its provocative young director Romain Gavras. Chaired by Dave Calhoun.

Dir Romain Gavras, 2010, French with English subtitles, 18 cert, 88mins

Cast: Vincent Cassel, Olivier Barthelemy, Justine Lerooy 


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