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Still: Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread

25 Jan 2008 – 28 Feb 2008

**** "...left me speechless...juxtaposes the heartless treatment of animals with that of plants, and the chief emotion is awe." The Guardian

**** "A montage of beautifully framed shots lend a poetic grandeur to the subject" The Independent Information 

**** "...locating a beautiful core at the centre of the most mundane of procedures." Time Out

**** "chilling stuff" Empire

"Beautiful and awful, calming and confronting, Our Daily Bread is definitely worth a butchers for anyone interested in how food find its way onto the globalised plate." Channel 4

Comparable to the work of Stanley Kubrick in terms of its formidable formal rigour, and visually in a field of its own, this powerful documentary is a captivating look at the agriculture industry throughout Europe. Devoid of voiceover, music or editorialising of any kind, director Nikolaus Geyrhalter simply immerses you in a range of real-world scenarios, using the rhythms of natural sounds to create tableaux that range from hypnotic and beautiful to horrifying. The long, slow shots afford you plenty of time to make up your own mind about what you're seeing, making for a film that you can't look away from nor escape from once it's over.

Read an interview with the director Nikolaus Geyrhalter: Guardian Unlimited

Dir Nikolaus Geyrhalter, Germany/Austria, 2005, 92 mins, Cert tbc


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