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The Films of Dane Komljen + introduction

Open Forms – The Films of Dane Komljen + introduction

1 Dec 2018

Tiny Bird, 2013, 30 mins, English and Serbian with English subtitles

This screening is introduced by Dane Komljen in conversation with Kieron Corless, Deputy Editor of Sight & Sound.
This retrospective presents six works by Berlin-based director Dane Komljen. His films employ innovative approaches to cinema exploring hybridisation and deliberately open forms. Komljen's cinema lingers between dreams and memories, creating a fluid space that moves freely between imaginaries and realities. This programme comprises a selection of the director’s shorter films, shown at major festivals including the Cannes Film Festival, Locarno Festival and IFF Rotterdam between 2010 and 2016.
Programme descriptions by Dane Komljen:
I Already Am Everything I Want to Have, 2010, 35 mins
The boy is new to the city.
Daniel doesn’t know what to do with himself.
He visits his sister, he visits friends.
Noise begins to emerge:
how to say no to yourself?
Bodily Function, 2011, 40 mins
A young man goes into town in a van to sell vegetables at the market. He gets in touch with a childhood friend.
Tiny Bird, 2013, 30 mins
no more forest paths,
no more cruising zones,
only sleepless nights
this is the way
the body says
A Surplus of Wind, 2014, 25 mins
Dejan talks of winter swimming pools, trees and the night.
Boban talks of smiles, cities and the south.
Dejan and Boban are twin brothers.
Our Body, 2015, 15 mins
From here, you can see everything:
the sea to the right,
the mountains to the left,
the sky in between.
All Still Orbit, 2016, 23 mins
All Still Orbit links together two apparently unrelated moments in the construction of Brasília: the dream by an Italian saint used to justify its creation and a small city built by the workers constructing the new capital to house them and their families. How do you make sense of a city built on a dream? Are all dreams made equal? Sometimes a documentary can feel like a fairy tale.


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E.g., 30-07-2021