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Boris Gerrets, Shado'man, 2013

Open City Docs Fest: Shado'man + Director Q&A

18 Jun 2014

At the junction of Lightfoot-Boston and Wilberforce in downtown Freetown, Sierra Leone, live a group of friends calling themselves the 'Freetown Streetboys'. They all have disabilities and from early childhood have endured neglect and scorn from the world around them. With no place to go but the bleak and unforgiving city streets, they are condemned to a life of poverty and hardship.

Filmed entirely at night, Shado'man is a starkly cinematic journey into the nocturnal world of the Streetboys, finding in the shadows a story of resilience and strength under the most difficult conditions.

Boris Gerrets, director, will be present for a Q&A following the screening.

Official trailer Shado'man (English subs)

Shado'man, dir. Boris Gerrets, Netherlands 2013, 87 mins

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