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Stephanie Spray and Pancho Valez, Manakamana, 2013

Open City Docs Fest: Manakamana

21 Jun 2014

The latest work from the Harvard Sensory Ethnography Lab is a startling, one-of-a-kind documentary experience, filmed entirely inside the narrow confines of a cable car transporting villagers to an ancient mountaintop temple high above a jungle in Nepal.

Over the course of 11 trips - each composed of a single static shot - Stephanie Spray and Pacho Velez introduce us to a new set of passengers: an elderly man and his grandson, a trio of teenage rockers, a married couple, a mother and daughter, three wives. Through their shared conversations, anecdotes, observations about the surrounding landscape, and even their silence, a detailed picture of their lives emerges; a story about history, tradition and change.

Manakamana, dirs. Stephanie Spray and Pancho Valez, USA/Nepal 2013, 118 mins

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E.g., 25-09-2018