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Dominic Gagnon, Hoax_Canular, 2013

Open City Docs Fest: Hoax_Canular

19 Jun 2014

Conquering fear by manufacturing scares: that’s what the teens in Hoax_Canular do with their webcams, unleashing rumours of the end of the world.

Dominic Gagnon continues his work with amateur online videos and his fourth instalment hits the cycle’s most serious, yet also lightest, note yet. The teens in question give new meaning to online sharing; we never know where parody ends and sincerity begins. Constructed as a countdown to the presumed end of the world, the film works as a profound reflection on how young people are appropriating media-stoked angst. Ultimately, their fear rituals are just another way to envision the future.

Hoax_Canular, dir. Dominic Gagnon, Canada 2013, 95 mins

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