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David Sieveking, Forget Me Not, 2012

Open City Docs Fest: Forget Me Not + Panel Discussion

23 Jun 2013

Filmmaker David Sieveking returns home to help his father care for his mother. Like millions of others, she is suffering from Alzheimer's. David's parents were active in the student movement of the 1960s and had an 'open relationship'. As his mother's condition worsens, old wounds begin to resurface forcing the whole family to confront the past. With humour, candour and great tenderness, Sieveking crafts an unaffected but loving and affectionate family chronicle, where the human being, not the illness, lies at the centre of the story.

Followed by a panel discussion.

Forget Me Not, dir. David Sieveking, Germany 2012, 88 mins

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