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David Leister & Lucy Harris short film programme

Open City Docs Fest: David Leister & Lucy Harris

21 Jun 2014

The 16mm films in this programme occupy the spaces between a photograph, a document and a film, and are a celebration of this medium. They explore and document both exterior and interior landscapes, personal and cultural histories, where the film becomes a blend of experience and observation. These films hover on the edge of the frame, using multiple film techniques to present an altered perspective vision of our surroundings.

This selection presents individual and collaborative works by David Leister and Lucy Harris, who will be in attendance to present their work.


Crossing Points – Lucy Harris (14mins)
Painting the town – David Leister (6 mins)
Cremer – David Leister and Lucy Harris (8 mins)
Medicine Box – David Leister (11 mins)
Sideways – Lucy Harris (3 mins)

Please note that all films are 18+ unless otherwise stated. The feature will start approximately 15 minutes after the listed start time.


E.g., 21-09-2018
E.g., 21-09-2018