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Online Talk: The Influence of Technology

25 Feb 2014

Join us on Google Plus or Youtube for this digital discussion, in collaboration with Google Art Project, to explore the technological advances that are having a major impact on how we live, work and produce.

Inspired by Richard Hamilton’s interest in mans’ relationship to technology during the 1950s, this panel will discuss the effect of automation on our daily lives. Is the contemporary prevalence of automatons something to fear, or will it vastly improve our quality of life, removing the need to work? In addition to examining the effects of technical advances in the digital realm, the panel will discuss automation in fields as diverse as militarisation and consumerism. Speakers include: Stephen Emmott, head of Microsoft's Computational Science research, writer Joanne McNeil, and Paolo Pedercini, experimental games designer.

This event borrows its title from an event held by The Independent Group at the ICA’s Dover Street premises, 15 October 1953, by architectural critic and writer Reyner Banham, and chaired by critic Robert Melville.

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Art Talk with the ICA, London: The Influence of Technology


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