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Image: Lia and @c, o/68

o/68 by Lia and @c

6 Sep 20078 Sep 2007

from O Superman (for Massenet) by Laurie Anderson.

Lia, with sound artists @c (Miguel Carvalhais and Pedro Tudelo), produces a reinterpretation of Laurie Anderson's 1981 hit O Superman (for Massenet). Using software-driven processes and manual manipulation, Lia creates a series of graphics based on Anderson's video, while remixed audio puts minimalist-inspired piano rhythms alongside the original beats and melodies.

"For us, this track is an absolute landmark of late-20th-century music. As musicians and music-lovers, we learned much of what we know, we became much of what we are, from Laurie Anderson's art."


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E.g., 04-08-2021