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Fred Kelemen, Frost, 1997/1999

A Nos Amours: Frost

30 May 2013

Fred Kelemen, Bela Tarr's customary cinematographer, ally and collaborator, himself made films that Susan Sontag singled out as beacons of artistic purpose and wonder. Frost, from 1997/1999, is the film that almost died at birth as producer and filmmaker fell out. A Nos Amours presentsĀ a 16mm print of the authorised director's cut.

'Time of darkness. Time of fire kindled against cold and fear. During the Holy Night, the seven year old Micha has to escape with his young mother Marianne from the violence of his drunken father... During their one week odyssey through frozen Germany, mother and son meet people to offer them shelter... Crushed by their own poverty, or dominated by their feelings of being lost, these people just hurt them deeper and they can be nothing other than stations of their continuous escape' - Fred Kelemen

The screening is introduced by Jonathan Romney (film critic, Independent on Sunday).

Frost, dir. Fred Kelemen, Germany 1997/1999, 16mm, 201 mins


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E.g., 15-08-2018