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Sharunas Bartas, Peace to Us in Our Dreams, 2015

Nordic-Baltic Film Festival: Peace to Us in Our Dreams

8 Dec 2016

Selected for the Directors’ Fortnight in Cannes, this typically meditative outing from Lithuanian auteur Sharunas Bartas also features him as the protagonist: a widower taking a break at a lakeside hideaway with his daughter and new girlfriend – a concert violinist in the throes of a personal crisis. While a teenage boy armed with a stolen telescopic rifle provides the main narrative tension, Bartas’s painterly compositions and languid pacing establish an atmospheric context for telling soul-searching by the quiet waters.

PEACE TO US IN OUR DREAMS by Sharunas Bartas - International trailer -

Peace to Us in Our Dreams, dir. Sharunas Bartas, Lithuania/Russia/France 2015, 107 mins, Lithuanian with English subtitles

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