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Still: No Place To Go

No Place To Go + The Hours and Times

6 Dec 2008

Raw, merciless yet ultimately tender, No Place To Go chronicles the tormented last days of fictional novelist Hanna Flanders, torn between her ideals and the realities of the new Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Shot in deep, sad black-and-white, the film is to some extent political, but essentially motivated by something deeper and gloomier than ideology. Hanna Flanders is based on Roehler's own mother, the West German writer Gisela Elsner. Playing with Christopher Munch's fictional account of Beatles manager Brian Epstein's attempts to seduce John Lennon during a holiday to Barcelona in 1963.

Dir Oskar Roehler, Germany 2000, 100 mins, subtitles, Cert 15 / Dir Christopher Munch, USA 1991, 60 mins, Cert 18.


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