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Nils Bech. Photo: Benjamin A Huseby

Nils Bech: Look Inside

28 Feb 2013

Through voice, movement, music and text, Nils Bech creates rituals performed with and within works by artists Eirik Sæther and Ida Ekblad. Look Inside is based on Nils Bech's captivating second album recently released in the UK on the label Fysisk Format. The album tells the story of a romance that made Nils, in his own words, “take a new look at myself and defy parts of my personality that I've brought with me my whole life”. Parallel to this theme is a story of Nils's contradictory relationship with his craft as well as his audience and their expectations.

Participating in the performance-concert are the celebrated composers and musicians Kari Rønnekleiv, Ole Henrik Moe and Julian Skar. Nils Bech will perform variations of Look Inside this spring at the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Graz Kunstverein, Graz and Sculpture Center NYC among others.

About the album:

"A terrific absorbing listen by the talented Bech" - Uncut, 8/10

"Tackling joy and vulnerability, ecstasy and guilt, this guy’s got all the emotional work sorted... If you sit down, listen hard to Bech’s dark, heart-rending lyrics, and eschew all distraction, he’ll probably sweep you up in his powerful gaze, totally mislaid in contemplation. This is a staggering work." - This Is Fake DIY, 8/10

Look Inside will be shown in 2013 at Arnolfini in Bristol and across Europe.

With support from the Office for Contemporary Art Norway and the The Royal Norwegian Embassy, London


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