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Night of Angry Statements

15 Oct 2010

An open call to address the question 'How should we change the art world?'

As part of the Chto delat? programme, the ICA presents a ‘Night of Angry Statements’, an open mic session in which everyone and anyone is invited to use the podium in the ICA gallery to make brief and blunt statements about how they would like to change the ‘art world’.

The event addresses the often fixed nature of the contemporary art establishment, it's unwritten rules and codes, and the conventions that dictate the parameters of cultural labour. It aims to air people's aspirations for different ways of working, as a means of relating to the wider ways we look to shape our society. The critique of current modes of governance of culture and the arts is called into question in the face of a general assault on non-market based value systems; in this situation the Chto delat? collective put out an open call to express anger by affirming other values and modes of organisation that could counter the mainstream development of cultural production.


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E.g., 04-08-2021