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Still: Shot in Bombay

New Year Preview: Shot in Bombay + Q&A

19 Dec 2007

A sneak preview screening, ahead of its release next year, of this frenetic behind-the-scenes documentary about the making of a star-studded Bollywood drama. Shot in Bombay goes past the Bolly glamour we're familiar with and finds a surreal collection of stories and characters, focusing on the feature's star Sanjay Dutt, whose 10-year trial for firearms possession is coming to a climax.

Director Liz Mermin will be here to talk about the film following the screening.

The screening will be followed by a special launch event in the Nash and Brandon rooms featuring DJ Ritu (BBC London 94.9/Kuch Kuch)

Dir Liz Mermin, India 2007, 99mins


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E.g., 18-08-2018