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Image: Personality and mask

The New Science of Personality

14 Jan 2008

What can the emerging science of personality tell us about what it is to be human? Do each of us possess a single 'authentic' self or are we all multitudinous, chaotic combinations of different selves held together by shared memories? Does the science of personality necessarily reduce us all to automations, or is it the key to helping us understand who we are?

Speakers: Raymond Tallis, emeritus professor of geriatric medicine, philosopher and author of I Am: A Philsophical Inquiry into First-Person Being; Keith Kendrick, emeritus professor and fellow of Gresham College and head of cognitive neuroscience at the Babraham Institute, Cambridge; Rita Carter, author of Multiplicity; Daniel Nettle, reader in psychology, Newcastle University and author of Personality: What Makes You the Way You Are. Chair: Liz Else, associate editor, New Scientist.


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