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New Encounters: Arts, Cultures, Concepts

18 Jan 2009

How do we think about visual art now? What is happening to art history? Are visual culture studies taking its place? What is the place of fine art practice as thought, critical knowledge or transformative practice? Are we left in an interdisciplinary free-for-all or are disciplinary models of knowledge still valid? The Centre for Cultural Analysis, Theory and History is a transdisciplinary project straddling fine art, histories of art, and cultural studies promoting a radical concept of research as intellectual and aesthetic encounter. CentreCATH's work is now emerging in a series of collections and monographs that will be launched with an afternoon of discussions.

Speakers include Elisabeth Bronfen, Victoria Anderson, Nicholas Chare, Vanessa Corby, Griselda Pollock, Alison Rowley and Liz Watkins. Chair: Adrian Rifkin.


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E.g., 25-09-2018