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Pablo Larraín, Neruda, 2016


7 Apr 201713 May 2017

Chile, 1948. Celebrated poet and Communist senator Pablo Neruda speaks out in opposition of the vehemently anti-Communist government, going on the run to evade arrest. Refusing to live the life of a fugitive, he taunts his pursuers by appearing in public venues or leaving evidence of his movements, to the frustration of Police detective Oscar Peluchonneau. A thrilling, shadowy cat-and-mouse chase ensues.

Described as an ‘anti-bio’ by visionary director Pablo Larraín, this is an unconventional, dizzying cinematic adventure; part thriller, part performance.

"Neruda" - In Cinemas 7th April 2017

Neruda, dir. Pablo Larraín, Chile/Argentina/France/Spain 2016, 108 mins, Spanish with English subtitles.


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