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still: My First War

My First War

15 Nov 2009

UK Premiere

Unexpectedly drafted as a reservist in the Second Lebanon War, Tel Aviv film school graduate Yariv Mozer made a casual decision to take his video camera along. The resulting film offers an extraordinary insight into the campaign against Hezbollah, and rarer still, into compulsory army service in Israel during active conflict. Mozer’s focus quickly becomes the fury and frustration felt in the ranks towards IDF top brass, who stand accused of epic mismanagement and lack of care for their troops.

Director Yariv Mozer will take part in a Q&A after the screening.

dir Yariv Mozer, Israel, 2008, 82 mins, Hebrew with English subtitles

Screening with:
Sand Box

A typical day at the playground interrupted…
dir. Avi Ofer, Israel 2006, 3mins


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