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Mother's Milk, Dir. Gerald Fox, 2012

Mother's Milk

9 Nov 201228 Nov 2012

Based on his acclaimed semi-autobiographical novel, Mother's Milk, Edward St Aubyn’s screenplay chronicles the tensions within a dysfunctional upper middle-class English family during what may well be a last summer together in their beloved French holiday home. The stroke-afflicted matriach of the piece, (Margaret Tyzack in full imperious and slightly dotty flow) has decided to bequeath her house in Provence to a decidedly dubious New Age outfit run by the shifty Seamus Dourke (Adrian Dunbar) much to the consternation of her drunken son Patrick (Jack Davenport), his put-upon wife Mary (Annabel Mullion) and their young son Robert (Thomas Underhill). With narration by Tom Hollander and sterling support from the likes of Diana Quick and Robert Portal, this is an extremely witty yet equally poignant account of a family at one another’s throats as they see their unearned inheritance slipping away.

Special Q&A - Friday 9 November, 9.30pm
There is a special Q&A following the 9 November screening at 8:30pm with director and co-screenwriter Gerald Fox, novelist and screenwriter Edward St Aubyn, and cast members Adrian Dunbar, Diana Quick and Annabel Mullion.

Director Q&A - Saturday 10 November, 9pm
There will be a second Q&A with director and co-screenwriter Gerald Fox following the 10 November screening at 9pm.

Dir. and co-screenwriter Gerald Fox, France/UK 2012, 95 minutes. 


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