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Moss (I-kki), Dir. Kang Woo-suk

Moss (I-kki)

13 Nov 2010

Based on the popular internet comic of the same name, Moss, sees Ryu Hae-guk attending his father’s funeral in a remote village. With suspicious circumstances around his father’s death he decides to investigate but soon uncovers a vast, diabolical conspiracy that the villagers are willing to kill to keep hidden.

The internet comic has been heralded as a great thriller with its layers of character depth and story structure. The director, Kang Woo-suk is best known for his Public Enemy Trilogy dealing with conspiracies and political corruption was an inspired choice to helm this project and has attracted a talented roster including Park Hae-il seen in Bong Joon-ho’s The Host and Memories of Murder to bring this slightly different comic adaptation to life. The film and talent behind this project definitely show that there is more to comic books than capes and flying.

Dir Kang Woo-suk, S.Korea, 35mm, 163 mins


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E.g., 30-01-2019