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Momma's Man

8 May 200923 May 2009

"A beautiful, wise, shaggy, poker-faced comedy of discombobulation." Entertainment Weekly

"Momma's Man sneaks up on you... it cuts into a universal experience: the terror of becoming an adult." Newsweek

***** Time Out

A measured drama about fear, confusion and regression, director Azazel Jacobs' feature is a drily comic psychological portrait that cuts deep and stays with you. When new father Mikey pays a visit to his parents in New York, a delayed flight gives him an excuse not to return home to LA. It quickly becomes apparent that Mikey is unwilling - or unable - to leave. Adding to the film's fascination, the parents are played by the director's own, Flo and Ken Jacobs, the latter being the legendary avant-garde director, and most of the film is shot in their seriously bohemian downtown loft apartment. Released by Diffusion.

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Dir Azazel Jacobs, US 2008, 99 mins


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