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Noah Baumbach, Mistress America, 2015

Mistress America

14 Aug 201520 Aug 2015

With Mistress America Noah Baumbach delivers another wry comedy of manners, this time co-written with his star Greta Gerwig. She plays Brooke, the mile-a-minute new best friend of Tracy, a smart but slightly disappointed new girl in town whose mum is engaged to Brooke’s dad.

Bowled over by her soon-to-be stepsister’s manic but (thanks to Gerwig’s acting chops) oddly endearing personality, Tracy soon finds herself embroiled in romantic intrigues and probably ill-advised business plans. Baumbach’s intuitive feel for ironic humour and material that would make lesser artists blanch is as evident here as it was in Greenberg and The Squid And The Whale. The script wastes not a syllable, and the pace never lets up.


Mistress America, dir. Noah Baumbach, USA, 2015, 84 mins

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