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Tom Berninger, Mistaken for Strangers, 2013

Mistaken for Strangers

27 Jun 20145 Aug 2014

'The funniest, most meta music movie since Spinal Tap'
- Pitchfork
'One of the best documentaries about a band I've ever seen'
- Michael Moore

Fronted by singer Matt Berninger, Cincinnati indie rock band The National embarked on a lengthy world tour in 2010. Unusually, The National includes two pairs of siblings – Aaron and Bryce Dessner, and Bryan and Scott Devendorf – and Matt Berninger also has a brother, Tom, an artist and aspiring movie director. Matt invited Tom along on tour as a roadie, allowing him to film the process, cinéma-vérité style; but neither brother, nor indeed the band and crew, could have predicted what a fraught and often unintentionally funny enterprise it would turn out to be.

It’s obvious that Tom, often speaking direct to camera, has a high opinion of himself, and it’s equally obvious that he was a lousy roadie. As a portrait of sibling dysfunction as well as life on the rocky road, Mistaken for Strangers is an absolute gem.

Mistaken For Strangers Trailer

Mistaken for Strangers, dir. Tom Berninger, USA 2013, 75 mins, cert. 15

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