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Alexandros Avranas, Miss Violence, 2013

Miss Violence

20 Jun 20142 Jul 2014

'Could not have been better acted and constructed.'
- Sight and Sound
★★★★ 'A commanding, troubling domestic horror that should launch a long career for Avranas.'
- Empire

On the day of her birthday party, eleven year-old Eleniki jumps off the balcony of her family home in Athens and falls to her death. Social services duly investigate, but no reason for her apparent suicide can be found and the family insist it was an accident. Director Alexandros Avranas’s second feature recalls his compatriot Giorgios Lanthimos’s Dogtooth in its focus on the hermetically sealed world of a dysfunctional family, but Miss Violence has an altogether more realist—and horribly believable—tale to tell. A washed-out colour palette and static camerawork contribute to the building tension, and when the revelations begin they also raise wider questions about silence, manipulation and the exercise of power. Miss Violence is at once a gripping drama and a powerful dissection of moral bankruptcy and the perils of social compliance.

Miss Violence, dir. Alexandros Avranas, Greece 2013, 99 mins, Greek with English subtitles.

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