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John Huston, The Misfits, 1961

The Misfits

19 Jun 201524 Jun 2015

Nevada is home to a host of interesting strangers: Roslyn; a beautiful but naive woman, reeling from a shotgun divorce, who has never stepped foot out of Reno, and Guido and Gay; a pair of erstwhile cowboys with a half-finished house in the sticks and bittersweet memories of a west that's no longer wild.

The story of a dying American tradition and the lost souls struggling to keep it alive, The Misfits is a haunted piece of Hollywood heritage, troubled on and off screen by the ghosts of eras gone by.

Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable gave their final performances in this production. Arthur Miller's script proved poignant and prophetic with one character, shotgun in hand, explaining to the crew of horse wranglers gathered on the barren Nevada desert: "you'll probably never see this again in history, you know."

The Misfits, dir. John Huston, USA 1961, 124 mins.


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