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Be With Me, Dir. Kang Jin-a

Mise-En-Scene Short Films 1

10 Nov 2010

A selection of short films from some of Koreas up-and-coming filmmakers including many festival winning films. The films are chosen from the Mise-en-scene Short Film Festival which has been established by Korea’s biggest filmmakers, Bong Joon-ho (Mother, The Host) and Park Chan-wook (Oldboy, Thirst) to name a few and has seen many of the directors involved becoming some of the top talent in today’s Korean cinema landscape.

This festival looks for fresh and exciting short films and filmmakers with their catchphrase being “Beyond the Barrier of Genres”. The festival challenges traditional ideas of filmmaking as well as creating experimental and unique films attempting to push the boundaries of contemporary filmmaking. The best and brightest of these short films are annually taken around the world to a variety of festivals in New York, Paris and many more. The London Korean Film Festival and the ICA are proud to present the first time this prestigious short film festival has come to the United Kingdom.

Richard, The Elite University Student From London
Dir. Lee Yong-seung, Digibeta, S.Korea, 28mins
A film that highlights the employment reality in Korea where even the most favoured and well educated office works still have to work part-time jobs to get by.

Be With Me
Dir. Kang Jin-a, Digibeta, S.Korea, 30mins
At 3 a.m., on January 17, 2009, Hyuck-keun was waiting for Cha-kyung. At 3 a.m., on June 17, 2009, Hyuck-keun is still waiting for Cha-kyung. While she is waiting Cha-kyung daydreams wishing to be an elephant.

The Monster
Dir. Ryu Seong-kyu, Digibeta, S.Korea, 23mins
Members of a family have been infected with the unknown virus and they are turning into monsters. The person who survives until the end has to make a decision.

The Key
Dir. Kim Hyun-chul, Digibeta, S.Korea, 11mins
Man lost his key.

Dir Various, S.Korea 2010, Digibeta, 92 mins


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