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Photo: Mika

Mika + Leon Jean Marie

1 Jul 2007

Like the curly-haired, puppy-eyed lovechild of Freddie Mercury and the Scissor Sisters, Mika bounded into the pop A-list just a few months ago, touted as The Next Big Thing for 2007. With his irresistible all-over-the-telly-the-radio-and-your-stereo hit Grace Kelly, swiftly followed by his debut album Life in Cartoon Motion, he has not disappointed. Mika didn't quite appear from nowhere, though - he studied opera, did his pop apprenticeship writing jingles for chewing-gum companies. Now that he's made the big time, it's a pleasure to be welcoming him to the intimate theatre setting of the ICA.

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E.g., 29-07-2021