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From the Middle East Selected by Visiting Arts: Roads of Dreams

25 Sep 2011

They are dreaming of high-heeled gold shoes, that their birthday is just round the corner, and that school is closed down because of heavy snow. The children in Mona Rafatzadeh's exploratory pop style docu film reminds us of all other children.

They don't know what their dreams are, or rather: they don't dare speak about them. The dream of a spouse, wealth, a car, and a dream job is the common denominator, but the desire to leave Iran and live in California, to travel to Mecca, to live a relaxed and free life is also a part of their dreams. This is the UK premiere of Mona Rafatzadeh's short, which in a beautiful and confrontational way provides a voice to the dreams of the Iranian people.

Born in Tehran, Iran 1985, Rafatzadeh studied in Tehran and Denmark, her work, often raw documentary style footage, captures the ambition and motivation of different age groups across the region and especially Tehran.


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E.g., 22-09-2018