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Photo: M.I.A.

M.I.A. + special guests

8 Dec 2007

Live Nation presents M.I.A. + special guests

M.I.A. coming back with power! power! Chest puffed out a little more, and feet stomping a little bit harder, M.I.A. brings her world-seducing digital bleeps and woozy rhythms to the ICA theatre. She's an uncanny combination of street style and political substance, making music about wanting what you can't have and trying to work with what you haven't got. Her new record Kala is an audacious triumph, with New Order basslines, didgeridoo riffs, Jonathan Richman samples, Bollywood covers and M.I.A.'s fabulous, fearless character all over it. Live, it will be a blast.


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E.g., 01-08-2021