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12 May 201213 May 2012

The first feature by Whit Stillman is a drily satirical comedy of manners and attitudes among ‘the Park Avenue Elite’, a group of debutante students living on the Upper East Side of Manhattan who meet almost nightly at Sally Fowler’s apartment, decked out in ball gowns and expensive evening dress. The soiree seems to be the setting for mere social chit-chat and the group includes breezy social climbers, demure young maidens and worried intellectuals but what binds them together, apart from their social exclusivity, is the half-acknowledged fear that their class is under threat. And beneath the exchange of gossip and witticism, the doubts and foibles of their inner selves are revealed, a process that’s accelerated by the sudden appearance of gilded socialist Edward Clements. Edward lives in a different part of town, he espouses different ideas - but he also seeks acceptance, due to a romantic interest in shy, true-blue Serana.

Dir: Whit Stillman, USA, 1990, 98 mins, 12 cert
Cast: Carolyn Farina, Edward Clements, Christopher Eigeman, Taylor Nichols.


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E.g., 22-09-2018