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Ken Loach, Raining Stones,1993

Members' Screening: Raining Stones

30 Oct 2016

Bob (Bruce Jones) lives with his wife Anne (Julie Brown) and his daughter Coleen (Gemma Phoenix) in a poor town. He scrapes by with whatever odd jobs come his way working as a bouncer, stealing turf, cleaning septic tanks. Although he has no money and is living on the dole, he is determined to buy his daughter a dress for her first communion. The local priest (Tom Hickey) suggests that Bob settle cheaper and get a second-hand dress instead. But Bob will have none of that. He wants a new dress for his daughter, and no matter what it takes he will get it for her.

Winner of the Jury Prize at the 1993 Cannes Film Festival, Ken Loach masterfully tells this story of a man devoted to his family and his religion.

Raining Stones (1993) | Trailer | Film4

Raining Stones, dir. Ken Loach, UK 1993, 87 mins.


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E.g., 14-08-2018