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Matteo Garrone, Gomorrah, 2008

Members' Screening: Gomorrah

26 Jun 2016

Based on the bestselling book by Roberto Saviano, this is perhaps the most realistic and resolutely unsentimental Mafia picture to emerge from Italy. Power, money and blood: these are the ‘values’ that the residents of Naples and Caserta have to live with every day; they are forced to obey the rules of the system, or the Camorra.

Five stories are woven together in this violent scenario, set in a cruel and apparently imaginary world, but one that is deeply rooted in reality. This powerful and visceral work, which acted as a mirror reflection of  headlines in Italy at the time it was made, benefits from director Garrone’s understated style, and the violence, when it arrives, is un-sensationalised.

Gomorrah, dir. Matteo Garrone, Italy 2008, 137 mins. Italian, Catonese and French with English subtitles.


E.g., 16-10-2018
E.g., 16-10-2018