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Pablo Trapero, El Bonaerense, 2002

Members' Screening: El Bonaerense

28 Aug 2016

From time to time Zapa (Jorge Román), a thirty-something locksmith in a small Argentinian town, is pressured by his shifty boss to employ his safecracking skills on the wrong side of the law. Arrested during one such job, he's bailed out by his uncle, conveniently the former police chief of the town. Strings are summarily pulled, and Zapa is swiftly despatched to Buenos Aires where he joins the city's police force, the notorious bonaerense. There on in, the film follows his journey as the unworldly provincial man at first adrift and then drawn into a violent and corrupt environment.

The second feature from Pablo Trapero both confirmed the promise of his earlier film and demonstrated his ability to handle a much larger scale and more complex production. In part reminiscent of Alex Cox's Highway Patrolman, this gritty and well-crafted police corruption drama, leavened with farcical and tender moments, was an assured progression and thankfully one in which Trapero's empathetic feel for character remained fundamentally intact.  

El Bonaerense, dir. Pablo Trapero, Argentina/Chile/France/Netherlands 2002, 105 mins


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E.g., 21-06-2018