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Alma Har'el, Bombay Beach, 2011

Members' Screening: Bombay Beach

26 Feb 2017

Featuring choreographed dance numbers set against music composed by Zach Condon (from the band Beirut) and songs by Bob Dylan, this freewheeling documentary follows the inhabitants of Bombay Beach, a long-forgotten town on a lake in the Sonoran Desert, Southern California. Once a resort for rich and famous '50s Hollywood stars, it is now populated by a marginalised society for which the American Dream has long since vanished. Over the course of a year, Alma Har'el captured the life of three residents and their relatives and friends with her unique camera-eye and an all-embracing passion for her subjects.

Bombay Beach Film Trailer

Bombay Beach, dir. Alma Har'el, USA 2011, 90mins.


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