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Surviving Life, Jan Svankmajer, 2010

Members' Preview: Surviving Life

12 Nov 2011

Legendary surrealist director Jan Svankmajer (Alice, Faust) returns with one of the warmest and funniest films of his career. Eugene, seemingly happy in his marriage and great career, finds himself repeatedly dreaming of a beautiful woman. Seeking the help of a psychoanalyst to explain this phenomenon, he finds himself increasingly torn between his erotic dream life and the waking world. This being Svankmajer, complete with trademark mix of live action, animation and scabrous wit, Eugene surprises both the audience and his doctor by saying he doesn't want to stop the dreams, but rather wants to plunge deeper into his subconscious to spend more time with this woman of his dreams. Take it as a given that Svankmaker is as intellectually playful and audacious as ever, but what might surprise you is a new found compassion which permeates the whole anarchic world of one of the Czech master's finest films.

Dir: Jan Svankmajer, 2010, Czech with English subtitles, 105 mins

Cast: Václav Helsus. Klára Issová and Zuzana Krónerová


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