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Members' Preview: Boxing Day

2 Dec 2012

'A shrewd and intimate slow-burner' Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

Boxing Day is the third film in director Bernard Rose's loose trilogy of modern day interpretations of Tolstoy stories, and is based on Master and Man.

Danny Huston, who also took the lead in Ivan's XTC and The Kreutzer Sonata, here plays property speculator Basil who has engaged local chauffeur, Nick, to take him to inspect some foreclosed properties in Colorado. The film tracks the relationship between the two men. Basil is barely able to conceal his loathing for Nick's incompetence at driving and navigation and his needy obsequious nature, while Nick, not a particularly sympathetic character himself, wonders what happened to the families who have been forced to leave their homes.

Basil's haste to close a deal before the end of the day, while his competitors enjoy their Christmas breaks, pushes the men deeper into the Rocky mountains with little consideration of the worsening weather conditions, with drastic outcomes.

(Cert TBC) Director: Bernard Rose. UK 2012. tbc mins. Cast: Danny Huston, Matthew Jacobs, Lisa Enos, Jo Farkas


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