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Members' Preview: Bonsai

4 Mar 2012

Jimenez' adaptation of Alejandro Zambra's acclaimed novella Bonsai is tender, lovely and funny. Riffing wittily on Proust's Remembrance of Things Past, Bonsai has a young aspiring writer, Julio, remembering a sweet love affair he had with fellow student Emilia, eight years earlier. At once easy-going, unpretentious yet profound, it places Jiminez at the forefront of the recent explosion in South American cinema.

Playing out in a succession of flashbacks against his present day musings, Julio ruminates on what happened to his ex-lover Emilia and the impact this relationship has had on his adult life and faltering career as a novelist. Reading, writing and sex are woven together in an intricate exploration of young love. A gorgeous rendering of memory and place which is at once beguiling and invigorating.

Dir: Cristián Jiménez , 2011, Chile/Argentina/Portugal/France, Spanish with English subtitles, 95mins.

Cast: Gabriela Arancibia , Cristóbal Briceño and Julio Carrasco.


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E.g., 18-09-2018