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Still: A Bloody Aria

Members' Preview: A Bloody Aria

13 Sep 2008

The latest offering from Korean director Shin-yun Won is a black, black, comedy; a dark and disturbing film interwoven with touches of laugh out loud hilarity. A Bloody Aria is a brutal look at the power struggles that exist in a modern society where all relationships are based on power exchanges.

During a day trip through the countryside, aspiring opera singer In-jeong flees to the woods to escape her lecherous mentor, Yeong-sun. When a local man offers a ride to the bus station, In-jeong thinks she's been saved until he insists they stop to meet his friends, a disturbed group of country thugs. In-jeong finds herself reunited with Yeong-sun and it slowly becomes clear the pair is being held captive to participate in the gang's sadistic games.

An ICA films release. A Bloody Aria opens 24 October 2008.

The Members' preview of A Bloody Aria is part of teh ICA Members' Morning on Saturday 13 September.


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