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Ballast, Dir Lance Hammer, 2008

Members' Preview: Ballast

26 Feb 2011

“Poetic and profound…” Rolling Stone

“An extraordinary debut” Variety

“A stunning piece of work...” Time Out New York 

A bold, patient and penetrating American drama that won the Best Director award at the Sundance film festival. Filmed on location in the Mississippi Delta and employing non-professional cast members who had never acted before, the film approaches its story and themes – bereavement, isolation, fragile family ties – in such a way that tone and texture take the place of conventional drama. Director Lance Hammer starts from a place deep inside his characters and their surroundings; what emerges is the fully-felt story of two young men who have both withdrawn from society in different ways and the cautious mutual connection that brings them back. Ballast unfolds slowly and in a somewhat oblique style but it immerses you in the lives being lead, with British Director of Photography Lol Crawley (Better Things; Four Lions) finding both immensity and intimacy in the film’s defiantly ordinary everyday world.

Released by Axiom.

Dir Lance Hammer, US 2008, 97 mins, cert tbc, 35mm


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