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Photo: Gay Bingo

Mega Gay Bingo Christmas Afterparty

6 Dec 2008

Tonight's Gay Bingo, free and at 8pm in the bar, is followed by a star-studded re-creation of Ms Minnelli's 1972 'Liza with a Z' concert. Ma Butcher spells it out Minnelli style, John Sizzle is jazz hands a-go-go and Jonny Woo rings them bells. Joined by the cream of London's tranny superstars - a different Liza for each number - this Minnellifest will be the show of the season.

Liza with a Z stars....
Jonny Woo Liza with a Z
Scottee Liza with a Z
Fabulous Russella Liza with a Z
Ryan Styles Liza with a Z
Holestar Liza with a Z
John Sizzle Liza with a Z
and Ma Butcher Liza with a Z

Late bar til 3am


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E.g., 24-09-2018