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Still: Martyrs


17 Mar 20099 Apr 2009

One of the most controversial and audacious films of last year, this hardcore French horror film divided audiences at London's FrightFest and the Toronto Film Festival, leaving them limp with shock, running for the exit or standing up applauding. When a young woman returns to wreak revenge on the family she believes held her captive and tortured her as a child, the reality of the world beyond and the reason for those past crimes becomes chillingly clear. Constantly switching direction as it heads into deeper, darker territory, Laugier's film combines intense terror tactics with a perverse poetry to create a truly unsettling experience.

Released by Optimum.

This film contains strong scenes of violence and torture that some viewers may find offensive or upsetting.

The preview screening on Tuesday 17 March will be followed by a Q&A with director Pascal Laugier, and actresses Mylène Jampanoï & Morjana Alaoui.

Dir Pascal Laugier, France 2008, 100 minutes, subtitles, Cert 18


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