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Bob Marley in a scene from MARLEY. Photo courtesy of Magnolia Pictures.


20 Apr 20123 May 2012

In the documentary Marley, Oscar winning director Kevin Macdonald, asks why Bob Marley and his music connect with so many people around the world, and how his philosophy continues to resonate.

Coming out of nowhere and disproving the stereotype that all reggae musicians are laid-back and easy-going though his ambition and hard work, the music, life and philosophy of the late great Robert Nesta Marley OM was shaped and influenced by the political climate of Jamaica. His writings in turn affected the Jamaican politics of the day.

Marley’s music grew out of severe and constant economic impoverishment as well as political discontent with the government and its policies. Dreaming of Che Guevara and the Black Panthers, he was a freedom-fighter himself who became an international symbol of the dispossessed. His continuing relevance was noted by Macdonald first hand in the recent political upheavals in Tunisia, where dissenters sang Bob Marley films, and wrote graffiti on the walls of a Marley lyric : “Get up, stand up/Stand up for your rights.”

Marley also marks the first time ever that Bob Marley's family has authorized the use of their own private archives of music, photographs and film.

Dir. Kevin MacDonald, UK 2012, 144 mins, cert 15


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