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David Cronenberg, Maps to the Stars, 2014

Maps to the Stars

17 Oct 20142 Nov 2014

Insecure actresses, spiritual healers, child stars on drugs... welcome to Hollywood, Cronenberg style.

Add a gripping plot and stunning performances from leads Moore and Wasikowska, and you have a riveting psychological thriller that will stay with you. Moore won Best Actress at Cannes for her portrayal of Havana, an over-the-hill actress auditioning for a role first played by her mother. Wasikowska is Agatha, new to Los Angeles and keen to get work. Cusack plays a therapist married to the controlling Christina (Williams), while limo driver and aspiring actor Jerome (Pattinson) seems outwardly likeable but may be capable of anything in order to achieve his goal. Each character’s story is both bitterly funny and loaded with mystery, and through this disparate bunch Cronenberg has plenty to say about family, ambition, wealth and commerce.

Maps to the Stars, dir. David Cronenberg, Canada/USA/Germany/France 2014. 112 mins.

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