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Still: Manhattan


8 Dec 20062 Jan 2007

Re-release exclusive to the ICA

"An all-too-rare contemporary comic masterpiece. * * * * *" – Empire.

A rhapsodic city-symphony from Woody Allen, back on the big-screen in a new 35mm print that shows the film off in its full black-and-white glory. One of most fans' favourite Allen films, it kicks off with fireworks and a brash blast of Gershwin before leading us through a typically neurotic, highly literate and slightly cynical relationship-comedy. There's a genuine romantic spirit and plenty of big laughs, while Director of Photography Gordon Willis's crisp, silvery shots of New York feel just perfect for Christmas.

Dir Woody Allen, US 1979, 96 mins, cert 15


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E.g., 15-08-2021