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Still: Vexille

Manga Matinees

12 Jul 200827 Jul 2008

A summer season of Manga Matinees including the daft family favourite Ping Pong; two animated Hellboy adventures in advance of the eagerly awaited live action sequel release; the futuristic Vexille and the ecologically themed Origin: Spirits of the Past. Spend a lazy weekend afternoon in our cool cinema and and enjoy the best Manga has to offer.

  • Origin: Spirits of the Past

    12 Jul 200814 Jul 2008

    An ecologically themed matinee adventure that echoes the best of Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli.

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  • Still: Ping Pong

    Ping Pong

    19 Jul 2008

    Some of the most exciting, imaginative sporting sequences ever filmed - perfect matinee viewing.

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  • Still: Vexille


    20 Jul 2008

    Another manga matinee treat: state-of-the-art animated sci-fi with elite commandos, bio-techno threats and hints of Mad Max 2 and Dune.

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  • Still: Hellboy Animated: Blood and Iron

    Hellboy Animated: Blood and Iron

    27 Jul 2008

    Our second Hellboy manga matinee: Hellboy and co uncover a plot to resurrect a vampire in an already ghost-infested mansion.

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