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Toby Amies, The Man Whose Mind Exploded, 2012

The Man Whose Mind Exploded

13 Jun 201422 Jun 2014

★★★★ Guardian
★★★★ Independent
★★★★ Times
'Hilarious, sad, uplifting and inspirational.'
- The Quietus
'An amazing documentary.'
- Mark Kermode

Drako Zarharzar leads a curious life. Robbed by anterograde amnesia of his capacity to create new memories, he lives almost entirely in the present. Adorning every surface, and dangling from strings affixed to every ceiling in his flat, are countless mementos and scribbled-on pieces of paper, from which he pieces together his daily existence. Even the parts of his life that Drako can remember are remarkable: a muse for Salvador Dalí, and a performer for Derek Jarman and Andy Warhol, he has survived two nervous breakdowns, two suicide attempts and two comas.


Filmmaker Toby Amies has invested much of himself in telling this story of a man whose mantra, tattooed on his arm, is ‘Trust, Absolute, Unconditional’. Amies is forced at times to play carer as well as friend, and his relationship with Drako makes for an intimate and unique piece of cinema.

Preview + Q&A with director Toby Amies
Wed 11 June, 6.15pm

Q&A panel: Professor Michael Kopelman (Neuropsychiatrist and world-leading expert in memory disorders, King’s College, London), Dr Julian Sheather (Deputy Head of Ethics, British Medical Association) and Toby Amies (Director, The Man Whose Mind Exploded), chaired by ICA Film and Cinema Co-ordinator Nico Marzano.

The Man Whose Mind Exploded, dir. Toby Amies, UK 2012, 75 mins

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