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Image courtesy of Jacqueline Caux and Axis Records, 2014

Man From Tomorrow + Q&A

19 Apr 2014

This collaboration between Detroit techno wizard Jeff Mills and French filmmaker Jacqueline Caux is less of a traditional portrait of Mills’ music and life, but more a playfully dream-like journey through his oeuvre, ideas and imagination.

Caux focuses on a non-narrative approach, with only the second part of the film using voice-overs to complement the hypnotic and enthralling combination of her unconventional visual aesthetic and Mill’s hypnotic sounds. According to Caux, this concept reflects her desire to 'above all give free reign to the viewer’s subjective impressions, and physical sensations […] leaving it up to their imagination and personal projections to create meaning'.

Both screenings are followed by a Q&A with Jacqueline Caux and Jeff Mills.

Jeff Mills has long been regarded as one of techno music’s most innovative DJ/Producers. Having established a considerable reputation in the Detroit techno scene in the 80s, he runs his own label Axis Records in Chicago and thanks to his experimental and pioneering, yet thoughtful outlook, remains at the very forefront of developments in techno today.

Jacqueline Caux has realised several documentaries and experimental short film projects. Her work often focuses on developments and innovations in 20th century music and she organises and participates in several music festivals and writes and produces for The French Radio France Culture.


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